Leader of the Merlyns, a Wizgang based around South Lake Union in the Seattle Metroplex. She dated Peter Winther for a time, before it went south.

She had a Magical Lodge in the top of a house near Seattle's Leschi Park, before MMFEC blew it up. In an act of revenge, she led a team of snipers and SMG-wielding toughs that attempted to execute the group in a dark alleyway. Venus proceeded to immobilize MMFEC[1] before the tornado-like spirit she had summoned started choking and battering Fang. With Elsie and Mordecai down, things only started looking up when a badly injured Ma1nfram3 disarmed one of two snipers that had been taking potshots at them and a berserk Cromwell broke out of Venus's spell to maim two Merlyns.[2]

The well-timed arrival of an HTR team caused Venus to retreat with the Merlyns that were far enough to dodge Cromwell's wrath. The help had been sent by Miss J, who had sent the group after the lodge in the first place.

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