Background Edit

Tir Tairngire (or Tír Tairngire[1]) is an Elven country in Northern America, south of Seattle. Its capital is Portland, also known as Cara'Sir in Sperethiel.

In Corporate SINs Edit

Cromwell and Elsie spent time in Tir Tairngire after leaving Boston.

Cromwell was sent to Tir Tairngire on a mission for Evo. There he helped Evo develop a cybernetic limb by demonstrating his door-opening ability in a room full of doors. He spent another week there training in bartitsu[2] (thus increasing his Fighting skill) with a master called Nigel Caine.[3]

Ma1nfram3 headed down to Tir Tairngire in Ep 30, during the downtime between the fall of Kenneth Brackhaven and the Aztechnology run. While there, she learned more about her Elven heritage, brushed up on the Sperethiel language, learned to meditate, and disconnected. (Adapted from Cheryl's recap of Ep 30)

In the Corporate Metagame Edit

Renraku's infrastructure improvements in Tir Tairngire were targeted by an ecoterrorist group calling themselves the Autonomous Protectors. Renraku had secured official green light from local authorities (see report in Seattle Street News issue 32).

  1. See this tweet for help pronouncing it.
  2. A martial art developed in Britain that involves cane fighting. See more on Wikipedia.
  3. See the beginning of Ep 7. This took place in a monthlong intermission in game time.