MMFEC[1], an acronym of its members' names, is an adequate group of Seattle Metroplex-based Shadowrunners, and the core characters of Shadowrun: Corporate SINs.

Based out of the Rapid Rabbit Tavern, MMFEC is available to be hired by interested corporations and private interest groups. Although not widely publicized, MMFEC is closely affiliated with the Draco Foundation.

Members of MMFEC include:

Revisiting the logo...

MMFEC letters

Picture posted on twitter by Shelley Low


References within references! The #corpsins team done in the classic #mib pose from #gits.
Picture posted on twitter by K.K.

Though they usually assess themselves as adequate, the run for Magitek Enterprises they MMFEC'ed up tarnished their reputation on ShadowYelp.

Mmfec at rapidrabbit whole

Group picture at the Rapid Rabbit.
Picture posted on twitter by K.K. before Ep 63 with this ominous caption: I hope #MMFEC takes a group photo before @RandomTuesday TPK's them. That last episode was close 😓

The same, seen in the astral plane:
MMFEC astral plane cheryl

My idea.
Picture from and chosen by Cheryl Platz.

The EndEdit

Everything has to end at some point. MMFEC ended by betraying their last Johnson, Brennus Ciaradh to foil his nefarious plans and temporarily gaining the trust of rival, very adequate, shadowrunner group Scarlet Fyre in order to prevent Ciaradh's Hand of Dusk as well as the 6th World's megacorporations from gaining control of a very heavily armed space station in Earth orbit.

Back in Seattle after a short cruise in the Atlantic Ocean onboard the escape pod MMFEC had used to flee the havoc on the station,

MMFEC escape-pod cute sheliloquy

Picture posted on twitter by Shelley Low to launch #MMFECMonday.
The End? Not really, not yet. Not while MMFEC still lives in our hearts.[2]

Elsie and Ma1nfram3 had the following talk, which I see as adequate parting words:
Elsie: What do we do now?
Ma1nfram3: Nothing. Do nothing for once.[3]
MMFEC Sharky MissJ Bar Dan&Sheliloquy

Picture posted on twitter by Shelley Low and commissioned by Dan Posluns

In the Corporate MetagameEdit

The Seattle Street News, for lack of better information, assigns different meanings to the letters of MMFEC:

  • Magic (Mordecai)
  • Muscle (Cromwell)
  • Fighting, later renamed Firepower, (Fang)
  • Electronics (Ma1nfram3)
  • Conversationalist (Elsie)

Notes Edit

  1. See here an anecdote about this name.
  2. Also, have a look at this comment.
  3. See Ep 65.

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