The Corp that cares.The Corp that also Ships. All the SHIPS! Mainly MordFram3. Also Vodka, Sake, bears on unicycles, and a SPACE STATION!!!! Some EVO workers that choose not to live on the planet anymore reside on the space station, such as sillysonny.

In Corporate SINs Edit

A massive ball of lightning hurled by the mysterious indigo dragon that wreaked havoc, seemingly at random, on election night, damaged the storefront of a JC Evo department store, threatening the structural integrity of the whole building.[1].

MMFEC Runs Edit

Evo hired Ma1nfram3 to retrieve information about Ares cyberware. Ma1nfram3 was successful, got to use an Excalibur cyberdeck and had a glorious night with the knight.

Business ventures in the Corporate Metagame Edit

Home Turf Edit

Home Turf is Evo's Security company that functions as a neighborhood watch program. Its twin purposes are “Getting people to police their own.” and “pushing the development and skill of our body line companies in Biotech, Cyberware, and Medicine & Pharmaceutical segments of the market.[2]

Notable executives Edit

Sillysonny, one of the slew of candidates in the 2077 Gubernatorial election who were eventually disqualified, introduced himsef at the time such:

Currently I’m a kind of roaming Tech in the EVO space station, and I have my own little tech closet that I hang out in a lot. Over my time so far one thing has always remained true, #EVO cares. They care about me and they care about you. That is why I am running for governor. I care too.[3]

Sillysonny saved millions and thus became a hero months later, when he crashed the EVO space station into the Mars station Mitsuhama had sent on a crash course with Earth.

The Seattle News' mixed feelings for Sillysonny's behavior were evident in this eulogy of sorts:

Who was the hero who saved us all? As demmalition1 wrote, it was a madman who unwittingly saved us all.

Sillysonny's real motivation, revenge, was apparent in his parting words to the SSN:

You should have voted for me. I could have saved you all. Now there is only one option left.[4]

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