Background Edit

Before casting a spell on an ally, Mordecai asks for their explicit consent.

In Corporate SINs Edit

As Ma1nfram3's van was chased by hostiles[1] (probably in Cross Applied Technologies's pay), that had sent drones to shoot at them, fired their own van's guns and also tried to ram them, Mordecai asked for Ma1nfram3's consent before slapping her on the shoulder and casting a Force 5 Increase intuition on her. Here is their whole interaction:


I consent. To which Ma1nfram3 added, after the spell had increased her intuition by 4:

Thank you, Mordecai.[2]
Later, the battle stil raging around him, Mordecai slapped[3] his hand on Elsie's shoulder and shouted Consent! Only after Ma1nfram3 pointed out that:
Elsie is supposed to yell Yes! or something.
did Elsie say Okay, while turning her eyes towards Mordecai and off the road.

This time, the Force 5 Increase Intuition[4] only granted a +2 bonus which allowed Elsie to suddenly realize that:

I totally know this neighborhood.
A little later, the group realized that this boost had not been accounted for when re-rolling Elsie's initiative, which led to this exchange:
Main1fram3: Aren’t the sparkles great?  
Elsie: They are.
Ma1nfram3: They’re amazing.
Elsie: I wanna be on this spell all the time.[5]

Where memes meet: a beef with Az's baby teeth Edit

The following scene took place in reaction to a tip which clarified that Aztechnology acquired[6] its baby teeth legally, with parental consent. It is not clear whether the players or characters were speaking.
Mordecai: See...
Fang: Parental consent!
Lauren: Consent!
Mordecai: I've said, I've said before, the baby teeth are perfectly humanely harvested by tooth fairies.
Lauren: Are you, are you the tooth fairy?
Mordecai: I'm not the tooth fairy, then I would get them for free.
Ma1nfram3: That explains the sparkles[7].
Mordecai: No, it doesn't.[8]
  1. See Ep 6.
  2. Come to think of it, this could qualify as a Mordefram3 moment.
  3. For real! To the point that Dan said Sorry.
  4. Cast at a penalty because Mordecai was still sustaining the previous one.
  5. This coming right after Elsie had injected Naseam Dylan with Bliss, it seems that being high was the theme du jour.
  6. The word used in the tip was: required.
  7. Another interesting word that may deserve its own page...
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