Aztechnology is one of the 10 AAA megacorporations in the 6th World. It is headquartered in Tenochtitlan, Aztlan.

In the Corporate MetagameEdit

MMFEC run won during the runners lottery Edit

Aztechnology hired MMFEC to help them put an end to the VITAS outbreak in Hermosillo. This run featured Aztechnology's use of Blood Magic, most spectacularly at the end of Ep 32.

Business interestsEdit

Aztechnology was one of four players in Heavy Industry when Saeder-Krupp bought it out. This is how the decision to sell was laid out to Seattle Street News by unnamed Aztechnology representatives:

However Aztechnology is always looking out for the best interests of our shareholders, and that often means needing to be nimble with our corporate portfolio.
Meanwhile you’ll note that we mentioned the majority of Hawker Siddeley’s facilities and operations are located within Europe, far from Aztechnology’s primary base of operation in Aztlan. While we do have interests around the globe, maintaining such a large operation in Europe requires a significant investment in shipping costs as well as spreading the resources of Aztechnology Corporate Security thinner. As such Aztechnology is looking into alternative options that may best protect the investments of our shareholders going forward and to best serve the community in those areas that Aztechnology is known to be the world leader in. While I can’t go into further details regarding this at this moment, keep watch for more information regarding our Industrial interests in the near future[1].

Notable executivesEdit

Krund: Head of the 'Employee Relations and Motivation' department. He was also a candidate in the gubernatorial election to replace Kenneth Brackhaven[2]. After he was found to be a clone of Arislen created by Shiawase, Aztechnology denied any knowledge of him. He ended up resigning from the race and altogether disappearing. His widely publicized case sparked a debate about the rights of clones[3].

The release by MMFEC of a carefully edited trideo of the incident in which Cromwell had assaulted Krund in the shower of the Aztechnology Emerald City Fitness gym[4], first meant as a possible bargaining chip with Horizon staff during the Fl33t run[5], then used as distraction after their all-too-public escape from Horizon's biodome[6], also elicited questions from the Seattle Street News regarding Krund's whereabouts since the revelation of his status as a clone[7].

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