Akshara Nundry is the crooked Knight Errant, formerly with Lone Star, officer who covered her illegal dealings with the Tempo-peddling Cutters by framing Fang and getting her imprisoned in her stead. Nundry's nefarious scheme also caused the death of Fang's partner at the time.

Akshara Nundry's moment of reckoning came at the end of a run spanning three episodes[1] which Fang had carefully planned to start during the retirement party of her mentor in the Force, Lance Pendelton.

MMFEC managed to get the by-the-books, unambiguous evidence of Nundry's corruption demanded by Pendelton. This was necessary to secure her arrest by Knight Errant, her conviction and ultimately justice for Fang and her partner.

Akshara's Nundry was almost killed in the chain of explosions that also nearly decimated MMFEC at the warehouse where she was meeting the Cutters.

When investigating how the Cutters and the Merlyns could have taken the unlikely step of joining forces against MMFEC, Ma1nfram3 found that Akshara Nundry had seemingly vanished after somehow being released from Knight Errant custody. She also seemed to have got cyberware implants.[2]

MMFEC having escaped the trap she had set up for them at Discovery Park, Nundry went to the Rapid Rabbit in person to finish the job. Her crushed cheek bone, cyber hand and synthetic arm went a long way to explain Nundry's hatred for Fang: she could hold her responsible both for ending her career and causing these injuries on the one hand, and for surviving this ordeal, on the other hand.

Nundry's hatred went so deep that she didn't hesitate to trigger an explosion she had no chance to survive just to kill Fang.[3]

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